Helping you solve knotty problems in your business, particularly those which involve people (customers & staff and the interaction between them). Sometimes we work alone, sometimes hand in hand with your existing advisors, but we always try to create novel and more helpful contexts and approaches.

E.g. HERD Analytics (with Professor Alex Bentley)

A unique service to reset strategy created with a world-leading social scientist and his team. We help turn the consumer data lying around in your business reveal how your customers and your market actually chooses.

Clients in recent years have included: UK Department of Health, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Sony Corporation, EA Games

Multidiscipline teams:

Sometimes a tough problem can only be unpicked by throwing multiple perspectives at it. We create Brainstrusts involving all kinds: architects, development experts, researchers, designers, archaeologists, anthropologists, social psychologists and brand experts. Better, faster and more interesting perspectives on problems that won’t go away.