Garden Shows and copying


Yep, it’s that time of year, when the RHS, the National Trust and anyone with a stately (or even just a “rather nice”) home likes to show off their gardening skills (or the skills of those they employ). Here’s what the Marketing folk write:

“Every year the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea are transformed into show gardens, inspirational small gardens and vibrant horticultural displays for the world’s most famous flower show.

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show is attended by 157,000 visitors each year. Tickets sell out quickly and must be purchased in advance, so book your tickets now!

The show has become an important venue for watching emerging gardening trends. New plants are launched and the popularity of older varieties are revived.

It’s the garden design equivalent of Paris Fashion Week and is staged in one of London’s most charming neighbourhoods.”

What they don’t say is this:

Come along, drink our stiffly priced pimms and prosecco and decide which three things you want to copy for your garden. Will it be large chunks of stone? Or, a water feature? Or one of those yellow-is-the-new-purple plants that everyone is going on about…come copycopycopy”

Because that’s how we use these shows and show-gardens: as pattern books* to steal from.

None thing wrong with that.

Would just be good to be clear about it.

How else do you think things and fashions in gardening spread so well?



*more on these fellas shortly