Apple in Copy Copy Copy Shocker


Lots of noise in the music business and beyond at the arrival of Apple’s streaming service and what it presages for the rest of the current players and for the big A itself.

What I’ve not heard anyone discuss (though I might not have been paying as much attention as I might) is this:

Apple has yet again copied what other people have been doing for some time. They haven’t “invented” but – in the strict anthropological definition – they’ve “innovated”: copied and evolved (to some degree) what’s around them.

Commentators (and Applefans alike) often fail to acknowledge this. Since the failure of Jobs’ obsession with the Newton PDA (and with the exception of the Cube), Apple have been a copycat business. Not of course that there’s anything wrong with this (as Copycopycopy argues). Just so we’re clear.

But the final word goes to Spotify’s soft-voiced chief, Daniel Ek: