Queues, Apple and popularity vs. luxury


Applewatchers have got used to the sight of the long lines being reported at Apple Stores whenever one of their shiny new products is announced.

Now clearly this has a similar effect on the observer as what you see when there’s a run on the bank

It’s a mighty powerful heuristic for popularity [the SE of our map] – every one else is doing it/wanting/buying it, so I should too. A variant of the 9/10 cats strategy.

So why might Apple be thinking of doing otherwise for the launch of its iWatch?

Now, I’m don’t have some special access to their thinking but if they are trying to reposition themselves as a luxury brand, then popularity is much less appropriate than limited access (the old “velvet rope” trick, which signals exclusivity). Of course, it’s very expensive hires from the luxury goods business know this all too well.

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Go on, everybody else is...

Oh, and btw I suspect that – whatever the intention of the authors – it’s what lies behind the impact of these two election posters, LABOUR ISN”T WORKING & THE DOCTOR CAN’T SEE YOU NOW