CopyCopyCopy: different questions for the Insight Community

NEWMR webinar title

Am v excited about doing this webinar for Ray, Sue and the NewMR team next week exploring  the implications for Insight practitioners of the central ideas in CopyCopyCopy.

16th April 11am London time. 

Go here to register – looks like we’re going to be a big crowd on the day!

Here’s a blogpost that I wrote to explain what I’m going to be banging on about…

In essence, I’m saying that while we’ve achieved a huge amount by following the insights that contemporary cognitive and behavioural science has pointed out to us, harnessing new technologies where we can, we’re still essentially doing the same old-same old. 

What if we stopped seeing problems, behaviours and issues as singular things – as unique phenomena – rather than as examples of other kinds of things? Instead of asking “how big?” kind of questions about the singular thing, what if we asked more “kinda” questions? “What kinda thing is this?” 

Why not join us?