Can I have it like that?

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I’m sure this isn’t just a UK phenomenon. Hairdressers and Barbers have long had pictures in their windows and around the walls to make it easier to choose how you want your hair styled (if that is the word for the craft “Crazy Sid” who used to dominate Camden Town’s men’s business – “What number (setting on his clippers) you want?”)

And now someone’s turned it into an ad to hang in…yes, barber shops and hairdressers.



















In COPYCOPYCOPY we call this kind of thing a “pattern book”, after the tomes that architects have had in circulation since the Renaissance.

You’d be surprised how wide spread pattern booking is – both from supply and demand side. That is from organisations and their audiences.

When you flick on to a TV cooking show, flick through a fashion mag or visit a craft show or a garden or whatever, you’re pattern-booking: taking ideas and inspiration to use in a different context.

You see, copying is natural