3 good things that copying does


Here’s a slide from a keynote that I did recently in Brussels.

It’s what I find myself repeating the sentiment (copying myself?) a lot when I’m asked to explain what the book’s all about.

1. Copying – not independent choice – is how many people choose in many markets. It’s not how many manufacturers & marketers imagine people choose (hence our historical obsession with USPs and benefits of superior products); but that doesn’t make it wrong.

2. Copying is the mechanism behind how things spread – spread is largely a function of people seeing other people rather than the thing that’s being spread. That’s why for example, we try to explain the success of artists like Subo or words or ideas, in terms of something about them after the fact, when ahead of time it’s genuinely hard – if not impossible to do so.

3. Copying is the mechanism which creates new and original things. This counter-intuitive truth is troubling to many of us. But that doesn’t make it wrong.

More in the next post…