“All that matters in the end…

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…is other people".

That's what the priest said at my mother's funeral, two years ago this week.

Today I'm off to another funeral (second one this week).

Our dear friend John Cronk died on 12th April in the Royal Marsden. Although he'd been ill for a while, it still seems like a ghastly adminstrative mistake. A real friend, through thick and thin. A genuine 'mensch' who made our lives better just by being part of them.

I'll post the professional appreciation I've done for him at a later date.= but today, just do this for me: whatever else you're worried about – lying ministers or your next big meeting or whether your trainers are the right ones – take a moment to think about the people who make your world and your life worth having. 

 And treasure them. Because all that matters in the end…




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  1. Huw Devine
    July 21, 2012

    hear hear.