Do this for you

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I speak at a lot of conferences and gatherings and such like. Undoubtedly the best of these are the Do Lectures, held in a field in "a small clever country called Wales". 


This is my picture from my visit a couple of years ago as a speaker (I went back last year as an audience member) and this is the speech I gave.

You should go, too. 

Not because of what your ticket does for other people (it helps pay for the free-to-air archive of 200 going on 1000 videos of Do Lectures and it also makes sure that there's another interesting person to spend the days and evenings chatting to).

But because of what your ticket does for you.

All the ideas and thoughts and enthusiasm you'll get. 

And how things will be different aftewards.

Get yourself to the Spring Do's – applications close 27th Feb.