Space is over (for us, at least)

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So today NASA's manned space flight programme essentially comes to a close as the last Shuttle lands.

For my generation, this is a noteworthy beat in the long and exciting story of the Space Age.

You see, before I was 10 we swatched this live – the first time in our species entire history that a human being landed on the moon!

And this dramatic moment (which you might know better from the movie reconstruction)

Our schoolyard games and our dreams were full of the wonder of space travel – of new planets, and new horizons.

The space age shaped all kinds of things we now take for granted – for example, the image of our little planet as seen from space kick-started the conservation movement (or awareness of the need for one) for many of us. 

So today seems wierd, like we've missed out on something special. Something we're never going to get back. And that just leaves me feeling a little sad – quite a lot, actually.

I'm with Mr William Bloke

Now that the space race is over
It's been and it's gone and I'll never get to the Moon
Because the space race is over
And I can't help but feel that we've all grown up too soon

Listen here to the full song here or here (for better picture).