Behaviour change & localism

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Very interesting piece of research about behaviour change and the localism agenda that I stumbled on today. Download KBTLondonCouncilsFinalPUBLISH2

Those from this side of the pond will know of the sponsors – Keep Britain Tidy – and those of you from elsewhere will be able to work out what they're about.

The point being, few organisations have more experience of trying to change human behaviour (in the UK at least).

So while (if we were being picky) we could criticize the trad ask-answer research methodology at the study's heart, I think the report raises some tricky issues for those who assume that just pushing decision making down to the local community is going to work and make things better. For example:

things that drive dissatisfaction don't necessarily drive satisfaction (e.g. street cleanliness)

But perhaps most importantly, our views as citizens on what's important are not necessarily in line with the science (althought respondents' scepticism about Nudging might not be so misplaced…)


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    July 28, 2011

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