The office is not just for work

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Pic c/o some hard-working Aussies

Interesting (and as ever) thought-provoking post from Seth on the end of the office

Whilst topical (and hugely resonant for those of us who live on thin air), it's not exactly a new thought, is it? For as long as I can remember futurologists have been promising just this.

I think there are at least 2 things that explain why we keep "going somewhere"

i. the office is not just a place, it's a community full of other humans 

ii. the office is not just a place of work, it's a place to interact with aforementioned humans (which is what we Super Social Apes love to do). It's a social object, if you like…

ii. the office is always going to be a place to go if it seems that everyone else "goes somewhere" like it, too

And let's be honest, where else are you going to play this top game?

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  1. Tamebay
    June 17, 2010

    I work for a small start-up company (employing 7 people so far). We started off doing remote working: with outsourcing, we covered four different countries, we communicated via screensharing and Skype and Dropbox and did all the things you were meant to do… and then we figured out exactly as you say, that
    “the office is not just a place, it’s a community full of other humans”
    We work better when we’re all in the same place. We have more fun, we get more done. I’ve moved *country* so I can continue working with these guys…
    Seth’s point
    “Of the 100 people in your office, how many do you collaborate with daily?”
    might be true, but when there’s only 7 of you, the answer is “all day, every day, with all of them” – and nothing beats being in the same place.