Nite Klub too sexy?

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HT Alex

For those of you who haven't been out (at all/ever/much recently) here's a piece of research which reveals that nightclubs are in fact venues for sexual display.

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"Data revealed that more than 80% of people entering the nightclub did so without a partner and so were potentially sexually available. There was also an approx. 50% increase in the number of couples leaving the nightclub as compared to those entering it seen on each occasion this was measured, indicating that these congregations are for sexual purposes."

Well, I never…I just revel in this kind of profound revelation into human nature,
don't you?

Can I also commend the technique for calibrating the amount of exposed flesh (fig 2 p.1336) and the highly detailed chart on p.1343?

More from the University of N(o) S(hit) S(herlock) shortly

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1 Comment

  1. Barney
    April 22, 2010

    I’m more surprised by the low success rate. The number of couples increased by 50% to 30% of the total, leaving 70% to head home alone. I feel a bit better about my youth now.