Neurononsense (again): hemispheric differences

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My chum Huw (always a scourge of ill-read neurononsense) has pointed out this vicious review in New Scientist of a new book which drags out the old left brain/right brain silliness across human history

I like this summary:

"The fact is, hemispheric differences are not well understood. Neither
are patterns over 2500 years of western history. Trying to explain the
ill-understood latter with a caricature of the former does little to
illuminate either."

My chum is even more trenchant:

"A nice ["tribute"?] to the 'I know a bit about neuroscience so would you like to pay a lot of
money for my company that's drawn some erroneous conclusions" crowd"

So let's go easy out there with our received wisdom, shall we?