Free gift: The audience and the backchannel

Posted by on Mar 4, 2010 in Copying, free gift, Market Research | 4 Comments


Those lovely people at Admap have let HERDfans have have free access to this piece I wrote for them about rethinking the idea of the audience for their relaunch edition!

Longstanding readers will be familiar with much of it, but hope they and the rest of you enjoy/find it useful!

Available until April 2nd!


  1. Ryanmach
    March 19, 2010

    Thank you for this piece. It was thought provoking.
    I wonder if the term audience is overused or, probably more accurate, dated. Audience conveys a sense of passivity. You watch TV, listen to the radio, etc. This new environment is participatory, where a person can be listening and publishing at seemingly the same time, e.g. Facebook. What I just stated is nothing new.
    But, I was wondering if you have seen the work by David Gauntlett, Professor of Media at University of Westminster? Here is a video describing his basic premise in his forthcoming book ‘Making is Connecting’.

    In addition, McKinsey published an article last year about reassessing the “marketing funnel”. This model isn’t appropriate anymore (assuming it ever was). “The consumer decision journey” June 2009 It’s a good read and is a good support point of your overall Herd theme.
    By-the-by, I read your recent book. It was wonderful.
    Now, for a thinly-veiled shameless plug, the Associated Press and Context just finished an anthropological study about Advertising and News Consumption
    As you can tell, I have no original thoughts of my own. Thank you for the thoughts,

  2. Anita Lobo
    March 22, 2010

    I find the old concept of the audience, parading in new clothes to fit the fan/ followers generation. The thinking, sadly hasn’t changed much, starting with the need to ‘control outcomes’.
    Its one thing to protect a brand, its quite another to want and allow replicators so that the message can be controlled.

  3. Mark Earls
    March 23, 2010

    Thank you both. Agreed with what you have to say re the old concept. Especially like emphasis of “control” (Anita) and “passivity” (Ryan)