Carnival in San Sebastian


Off next week to San Sebastian in the Basque country of Spain to do the keynote at the ABLA conference.

While out-of-season seaside resorts always hold a certain charm for me (well, apart from Cannes, that is) I'm kind of hoping that the trip coincides with the beginning of Carnival – a very HERDy time in the calendar.

A time when people get together and – enthused, as the Ancient Greeks would put (that is, possessed by the deity) – challenge the rich and the powerful. A time when that HERD part of our nature is nearer the surface than perhaps we/they'd like

Maybe I'll just be there for the TInkers' parade. How appropriate, either way!

PS if you're going to ABLA, do let me know and come and say Hi!

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  1. James Cherkoff
    January 25, 2010

    Oooh you lucky fella….TOP quality tapas in SS. Have fun… 😉