Bumble and the human voice

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Nice post by my chum David Cushman that a number of folk have (rightly) picked up on about the conflict between the real time web and SEO

He cites one of the co-founders (Evan, I think?) saying: "the trouble with Twitter is that with it you run the risk of revealing the real you."

But the real nub is his own words:

"In the old world of site-as-destination there was value in 'driving
traffic'. In the new world of user-as-destination the only value is in
creating real, enduring human connection.

Only humans, expressing themselves through authentic human voice, can do this

Which is why we all love David "Bumble" Lloyd, one of the few media personalites to have grasped how to be themselves and connect with others on platforms like Twitter (check how much interaction he has with those that he follows and follow him). 

It's not like the old media that does thing to (or enables you to do things to) an audience; it's media that encourages you to do things with…

Which as David points out, is all too human.

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  1. Charlie Gower
    December 29, 2009

    All true Mark, now all you have to do is find a way to measure human satisfaction to appease the accountants ; )
    Then the agencies might buy in.
    No, utils won’t cut it!