Change the world or go home

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Hugh's famous Blue Monster cartoon puts the onus on a certain software vendor to do something useful to humanity (or else…) but I'd like to contribute to the Blog Action Day conversation around climate change with this simple observation:

Most of the time (e.g. the lovely Futerra folk who did the School of Life Secular Sermon this week) we're singing to the choir – we're not changing anything because we're either just talking to people who already believe or we're trying to persuade folk. The same, I'm convinced, is true of An Inconvenient Truth which I suspect speaks poorly to the previously unsympathetic.

Not because of any lack of insight or effort or desire for change, but simply because we try to persuade each other's minds – acting like mini Charlie Saatchi's – in order to change each others' behaviours.

Not helpful. And frankly a bit tiresome (no wonder folk are complaining of climate change fatigue or somesuch; no wonder everyone seeks ever more shocking and "convincing" factoids about ice-melts).

Perhaps another angle might be profitable.

Like changing people's behaviour and then worrying about what they think…