Peter Hanke, the Choir and you

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Pic of Stanmore Choral Soc (hello, Mum & Dad)

Really excited about this event that Rob Poynton has organised.

Peter Hanke will be running a seminar here in London the like of which you definitely will not have been on.

Basically, you get to play conductor to his trained choir – without musical score to follow, they just respond to your movements and physical style. 

Conductors have to express themselves bodily, communicating with the
singers only through gesture and movement, so the act of conducting
provides a medium through which to observe oneself. How we express
ourselves in this unfamiliar situation, untainted by rational thoughts,
knowledge or words reveals insights about aspects of our selves and how
we communicate that are hard to come by with conventional methods.

Learning who and how you are from the choir/crowd, if you like.

Peter's run this for Said Business School students with great success – Rob is very enthusiastic about it, which I always find a good guide…

Read Johnny's write up on the same

Go sign up for it here. I have…

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  1. Helge Tennø
    September 9, 2009

    This could be relevant :o)
    Conductor Itay Talgam’s presentation “Conducting Creativity” from The Picnic Conference last year. He runs through how different conductors enable collective collaboration in their orchestra.
    One of Itay’s qoutes:
    “It’s not only about personal style, this is a part of it, and I think an interesting part. but it’s about creating a certain set of culture that enables certain modes of collaboration between people”
    Much recommended