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Alfie D's got this fab project shortlisted for the Cultural Olympiad in the UK . 

More here.

This is the original pitch which got him & Paula shortlisted.

"Bus.tops – a city wide canvas for sharing the art of our streets, our communities, our London, our experience.

Marika jostles back and forth as she struggles up the stairs
to the top of the 242 bus. There are seats below but she likes the
view, she likes the feeling that she is seeing a different London. A
London of gargoyles so high up no one can see them from the streets, a
London of facades so old no one knows what lies under the grime, a
London of adventures and characters. Today, a story begins to unfold.
From bus.top to bus.top Marika follows a visual adventure as she sits
on the top deck of the 242.

Amir clicks on the web page to his favourite bus.top. Every
Wednesday at 2.30pm, someone called J1ll posts a collection of her
housemate’s favourite memories from the week to her local bus.top in
Hackney. One of them always has something to say about the
football..usually a great laugh. Amir reckons he could do something on
bus.tops. He and his schoolmates play hockey at school…wouldn't it be
wicked to play a game of hockey across all of London. Hackney could be
one goal and Harlesden is the other…Amir takes another look at the
bus.tops website…

Bus.tops provides the canvas that allows London to tell its
stories. These can be small, intimate stories of a neighbourhood or
citywide adventures that draw us into a London we never imagined; or
simply moments of beauty, wonder, questioning, critique, comment and
exploration. These stories unfold on a canvas made up of networked
panels of programmable LEDs situated on the roofs of bus stops across

As well as the canvas, Bus.tops provides the tools and
platform from which both publicly recognised artists and the public we
recognise as artists are empowered to create a truly public art
experience. Bus.tops will work with established artists to create a
“curated” collection of works distributed across the bus.tops canvas.
These will be celebrated as being at the vanguard of artistic
innovation and exploration. However these works will also be the
foundation from which a new generation of authors and artists will be
inspired create their first piece of public art.

Bus.tops provides a window for the world to experience and
explore the cultural richness and diversity that makes up Greater
London. But critically, it will also provide the means by which we
within London understand and value that same cultural richness and
diversity across our communities.

The potential of bus.tops is only limited by the imagination of 8 million Londoners"

I love it but am not one of the judges.

So why don't you go tell the folks who make the decision what you think. Please!

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