Not just a bit social (but fundamentally so)

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Interesting experience for me again this week, seeing how tricky it is for some folk to see our fundamentally social nature.

I did my speech here on Tuesday but had a wierd question after from somebody who seemed to prefer to see us as a primarily independent species but one which quite likes the company of others. I know I go on about this basic thought – and indeed sometimes overstate the case to make the point – but let's be really clear: we are a social species, a we-species which suffers from (and can occasionally overcome) the illusion that we are independent individuals (the illusion of "I"). Not just a bit social but fundamentally so.

No use of course showing individuals the evidence (as above); probably best to point to how many other folk are seeing/saying/acting accordingly…

(and yes, Gareth, Madness were awesome even in the rain – more anon)


  1. Chinese Guy
    July 31, 2009

    What about introverted people?

  2. Mark Earls
    August 2, 2009

    Introverted folk are just as much social creatures as the rest of us, they just respond differently – perhaps less successfully. In anycase, it varies by context.
    Equally it’s interesting to consider (as HERD does) certain common mental health conditions/disabilities: those on the autistic end of the spectrum are less successful as a social creature because their cognitive apparatus doesn’t help them interact with others, as the rest of their bodies are adapted to do.