Loyalty as a two-way street

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Loyalty is one of those golden ideas in business.

Everyone wants customer loyalty, employee loyalty, supplier loyalty. 

But it's all too rarely company loyalty (to any of the above).

Interesting case playing out in Scotland between Diageo and 700 of its employees and their friends and families and the local community. 

I'm sure as a shareholder, my initial reaction would be delight that the managers of the company were looking to reduce the costs to maximise profits but as lots of folk have been saying recently maybe money isn't everything – maybe other stuff matters, too. Maybe even more….

As Alex Salmond (Scotland"s First Minister) suggested today on the BBC news, the employees have been loyal to the company, isn't it odd that loyalty – that great golden idea of business today – struggles to be  a two-way street?

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  1. Tom Asacker
    July 29, 2009

    Customer loyalty is an oxymoron. http://bit.ly/dnDUe