It’s the taking part that counts

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Haven't really been myself for the last few days – slightly on edge, finding it hard to focus. You know the kind of thing…


Photo from the stands at the Kensington Oval (I think that's Harmison steaming in to bowl from the far end. Note 7 English players behind the bat)

Then this morning I realised why: the Ashes (cricket) series starts today.

For the next 44 days (or thereabouts) my life is going to revolve around the struggle between England and Australia at cricket* (as all too many summers have since I was a lad).

But importantly, it's not just about the game itself: it's about the folk you share it with. Those you play with (as I all too rarely do nowadays), those you watch it with, those you talk to about it (and it will be my primary social object for sure over the next few weeks so sorry if it becomes a bit much )

But it also includes those you share it with online (this simple text-based resource became the home for an office-based online community in 2005 who together co-created  this book, a transcription of their digital conversations).

Off to Cardiff tomorrow with Sven to sit in the new Grandstand and watch day 2 of 25, with 18000 who share my enthusiasmos. That's taking part, isn't it?

*For my American chums, go here to discover the glorious cricketing past of your nation


  1. Geoff Brown
    July 10, 2009

    Mark, I’ll be sharing your journey from the other side of the fence and The Ashes for me means late nights and a wife that gets grumpy at me for coming to bed too late.
    I thought Ponting was set for a double ton … alas … not to be.

  2. Laura Buscar Pareja
    July 10, 2009

    Excinting, my boyfriend suffers already heart attack, I only hope that takes nich so long and we can go on with our life:)

  3. Sebastian Graham
    July 12, 2009

    And I’ll be watching too, from the Australian side… We have to earn revenge for the 2005 Ashes.
    No, we haven’t forgotten.