It’s the human stuff, stupid (again)

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are milk jugs more important than people? In 2008, Doug McMillon…the
CEO of Sam's Club, a division of Wal-mart, expounded on innovation in
milk jugs and his company's introduction of a rectangular, and
therefore, stackable jug. He proudly noted how the new design extended
the shelf life of milk, reduced costs by between 10 and 20 cents and
elminated more than 10,000 delivery trips, thereby saving the company
money. Meanwhile, Wal-Mart paid its employees almost 15 percent less
than other large retailers and, because of the lower pay, Wal-Mart
employees made greater use of public health and welfare programs"

Awesome article [HT The Economist] by the great Jeffrey Pfeffer Download SSRN-id1352627  which talks about sustainability in human (rather than material) terms.

This human stuff we're on about isn't just a silly geeky obsession – it's part of a much bigger re-adjustment and rebalancing of our ideas about business.


It's the human stuff, stupid. It always was and always will be.