In praise of ordinary people

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All too often we find ourselves drawn to the exceptional – the influential, the talented, the leading edge & the heroic. One of the most common questions I get at the moment about social influence is about who starts trends and fashions – surely there are some special individuals who have all the cool ideas? Surely…(see the debate about the Sasquatch dancing man video). As you probably know, I think it's fundamentally misguided and represents a misunderstanding of how influence works and how things really spread.

Well, Anthony Gormley's new human sculpture project in Trafalgar Square reminds us to do the opposite: to focus on ordinary people. On the people who do the heavy lifting of spreading stuff. On ordinary people.

Neat little voxpop here from Kevin and the lovely peeps at Wardle Maclean which celebrates that


  1. Ana Pierre Relation
    July 10, 2009

    These grannies look all the same, dressed the same. Are they by any chance fashion models for some fashion-for-the-elder designer? It would be fun to see them running down the catwalk 😀

  2. Marie München
    July 13, 2009

    This is such a lovely picture! Much better than these bony, starving models.