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Thanks to all of those who made it to the School of Life last night for the paperback party – and thanks again to Sophie for having us in her fab shop!

Am at the airport this morning on the way to see those lovely peeps at Juniper Park but thinking ahead to the busy schedule in the next few weeks

First up is Tuesday lunchtime at the lovely RSA where I'll be talking about this "social" revolution -what it is,  why now  and why it's important. Please come along! Free tickets here.

Talking of which, if you're around tomorrow (Thursday) try to catch the awesome Sarah Blaffer Hrdy – her brilliant book Mothers and Others has made me rethink some of the ideas around how we came to be so different to our peers. Alloparenting – protection and nurturing from those other than parents – is the heart of her answer: the more this happens, the more productive our species could be, also the more responsive to a range of other folk each infant would need to be etc etc. Go read, it's fab!

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  1. david cushman
    July 16, 2009

    congrats on the paperback. catch you soon.