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If you're a cricket fan, you'll know David "Bumble" Lloyd – former Lancashire and England batsman, England manager & Sky Sports commentator. If not, go here

He's famous for his passion and overexcitement (and the pain he feels at the ups and downs of cricket – as shown again today)

He's also one of the more popular sports tweaters in the UK at the moment.

So go follow him yourself (even if you don't have the cricket bug like me) because what he has to teach anyone playing around with social media is worth following in real time

Here's some of the stuff I'm getting from him

1. Be yourself – the voice feels entirely authentic. Bumble seems entirely at home in the messiness of microblogging so that his passion and enthusiasm, as well as his sense of humour shine through.

2. Don't just broadcast – Bumble talks about what he sees as well as picking up on others' tweets and linking on to them

3. Don't take yourself seriously – this is not a "celeb" twitter blog; indeed, it unpicks the apparent self-regard of other (non-tweeting) presenters

4. Don't overthink – don't try to compose the perfect update, just keep tweating

Above all,

5. Be human. Nuff said.

Of course, I could be wrong – this could be the dastardly work of Robin & co at wearesocial but if it is then it's their best yet. But I really don't think so…