Back in the beginning

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On the way back from the RSA (part of a series I'm doing to promote the paperback of HERD) I found myself pondering how much less wierd the cluster of ideas around HERD now seem to the folk coming across them for the first time; how much more acceptable they are.

Way back when, I remember lots of incomprehension, lots of vacant stares and quite a lot of "wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong" as one very useful piece of feedback put it.

As my mate Hugh puts it in his excellent Ignore Everybody:

"When I first started with the cartoon-on-back-of-bizcard format, people thought I was nuts. Why wasn't I trying to do something that was easier for markets to digest, like cutie-pie greeting cards or whatever?"

Interesting how the world has changed.



  1. David Cushman
    July 21, 2009

    Think we’re still a little way from the mainstream just yet. But I take your point. There’s no less explanation to be done – more inspiration to act now.

  2. David Cushman
    July 21, 2009

    That should read now less, not no less 😉