Tate Fail

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Robert-Morris-installatio-001 Ambling along Bankside yesterday morning with two teenagers, I thought the Tate Modern's Turbine Hall worth a short visit.

The play exhibit – a recreation of the 1971 Bodyspacemotionthings show – seemed like a good idea

The only thing being how unplayful it is.

Ok, so I'm not sure it's the art's fault – our expectations of interaction with exhibits are worlds away from the timid ones of 4 decades ago. Gaming is just one of the practices which has taught us to expect more.

But the army of 20 something 'curators' spent most of their time telling visitors not to do what ever it was they wanted to do. "You're not supposed to do it that way" one told me. "Why?" "Because".

And it's worth noting that they took a particular poor view of the presence of two (nice white middleclass) teenage lads with me. "Can't you see it's for kids?" one was rudely told off.

So sorry, Tate. FAIL

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  1. Gordon Rae
    June 15, 2009

    I think you may have found a brand new way of condemning art for being elitist and inaccessible. Well done you.