Human is the new black

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Very interesting evening last night hosted by the IPA 44 club:

Newly elected IPA president Rory Sutherland and RSA CEO Matthew Taylor speaking around (mostly around) the subject of the new human sciences and how important they are to our ability to do our jobs.

For both of these great idea-hungry speakers, the cluster of learnings in the unfolding worlds of behavioural economics and all the stuff I write and talk about – broadly what falls under what the RSA calls the Social Brain Project  – are central to their plans for their respective organisations

All I can say is how refreshing it is to hear the leaders of two organisations get excited by ideas about human beings and evidence for those ideas and what the implications might be…

For too long, we've suffered with a culture of leaders-as-managers (leaders concerned only with the concerns of the organisation) or leaders-as-front-men (leaders as spinners and distractors). Imagine if this stuff was part of leadership's remit in your organisation?

Being human. Understanding human. Speaking and acting human. It's the new black


  1. Mike Brewer
    June 16, 2009

    I have always believed that organizations are put in place to serve the people that serve it. If leaders operated from this mantra everything else would fall into place.

  2. Rob Mortimer
    June 16, 2009

    Hurrah! Very refreshing.
    Been talking about social networking and changing the nature of humanity… lots of big lofty ideas about humans today in blogland!