We-research (update)

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Microphone We humans are unreliable witnesses to our own individual lives.

We have a distorted view of our what we do, how and why: our memories are far from being photographic and our consciousness is far from the continuous stream it seems to be. Thinking is much less important in shaping our behaviour than it seems.

And yet much market research – thanks to its roots in our individualist 20th Century culture – assumes that things are otherwise: we ask folk what they do, what they've done, what they might do and why; we listen to what they say about their lives on the assumption that they might know.

So we've been playing around recently with a (new?) kind of research approach, which plays to human strengths, rather than this well documented human weakness: "We-research", we call it.

While we may not be very good at ourselves, we turn out to be much better at other folk and what they do (and why)

Grant talks very well to this and Fiona's Mesh product is a great start.

While the boys and I are busy continuing to polish our prototype [more soon], Russell pointed me to this great US initiative, Storycorps, which gets individuals telling each other their stories.

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