Membership & service

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Seth's ability to ask the right question continues to astound me – what difference would membership make to your organisation.

Certainly folk like Matthew & co are having to think very differently about how they go about things…

TBH I've never like the idea of "customers" and "consumers" because it puts at a disadvantage to the organisation and its interests and not the other way round.

You see this kind of thinking everywhere – while football [soccer to our American chums] clubs are owned by shareholders, the real owners of the brand are the punters who stand/sit on the terraces, who travel to watch 0-1 away losses in the rain, whose day is brightened/darkened by the latest result: the fans.

Certainly, non-commercial bodies could learn a lot from this. My friend Theo (a catholic missionary) puts it this way:

"If we (the Church) don't serve the people freely, what on earth are we for?"

(though my Mum's parish priest – like too many businesses I come across – seems to think that his service-delivery should be on terms that suit him)

UPDATE: Helge makes much the same point as Seth here (HT Gareth)