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Well chuffed about the cover story that Alex and I managed to get for our piece on how certain Darwinian ideas can shed light on how behaviour and ideas spread through populations:

"…in focussing on the particular individual or network, we often miss out on social influence. This is why evolutionary science can prove so useful in describing and explaining dynamic changes in populations.

On the one hand, evolution is all about dynamic change. It's about how things change in a particular interacting population of creatures (such as humans…). On the other, it's about change without much in the way of external levers: individual agents interacting with each other, repeatedly over time within a dynamic environment, which gives rise to phenomena…

What evolves does not have to genetic codes or biological species – culture can be said to evolve in the strict sense as well.

So just as changes in the physical features of Darwin's famous Galapagos finches pass through their populations from parents to child, so too ideas, behaviours and cultural practices spread through populations by individuals copying other individuals…"

And so on.

Get hold of a copy if you can (or use your magnifying glass here) and let us know your thoughts back here

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