Gongs for non-advertising strategy stuff

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I've been a long-term supporter of the UK Account Planning Group. Indeed, in the old days when I was a planner, I actually ran the thing with the lovely Merry Baskin.

Their bi-annual APG Awards are upcoming and they've let it be known that they'd welcome more entries from er…non-advertising folk about non-traditional solutions.

You know, the kind of stuff that we're all talking about doing nowadays – whether it's the funky Faris kind of thing or one of Hugh's cube grenades

And you can be working anywhere in the world I guess [correct]

The key thing is that you have to be able to write a short piece [less than 2000 words] which demonstrates why it was the strategic thinking that made the difference (and not the code or the latest bit of flash animation your creative director like)

Be assured – it's well worth it. One winner I coached went from our rather relegation-zone agency to one of the big 3 in a matter of months, on the back of her success

And frankly, it'd be worth it just to tell your mum how cool your work is thought to be by the great and the good of the industry (not the creatives' or the agency's work – yours!)

And the industry needs to know the difference that planners can make in the new stuff

So get busy.
And tell them just how brilliant you and your thinking are. In less than 2000 words

NB Deadline June 1st