Cube grenades: what we make & what it’s for

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Interesting time today at a corporate event – 200+ marketers from one big UK company, together with their agencies and suppliers, trying to be a high quality marketing community

One of the things I often slip into is talking about behavior change in terms of consumers or citizens or whatever (large numbers of folk anyway); I was prompted by a question from an internal comms lady to remember that the same ideas about change and our social HERD nature apply just as much to internal audiences as to external ones

Which links back to what Hugh's been doing recently around his brilliant Cube Grenade idea

I like this – it's a great handle for what it is that folk like us are doing and what our stuff is for

We don't send messages or make vehicles for the same
We don't fill tubes with them, either
We don't target or persuade or enforce compliance with some sets of behaviours

We make stuff that folk might interact around – stuff that they might find interesting enough to talk about or share or shout at or whatever – stuff that stimulates them to change together how they do what they do (and even what they do together)

We make things that change the way that folk interact and that is what changes the workplace

Of course, "grenade" may seem a bit violent if you imagine change is ever smooth and unruffled. Maybe that's the story you have to tell but then….