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Been working away much of the weekend on final revisions to HERD The Paperback, updating case studies and references and generally polishing the thing for new readers so it's nice to see the sun today and feel it my skin again.

That said, I'm really struck by how different the culture is into which the text will drop in July.

Both for me and for us. It's almost as if the ideas around HERD are now mainstream (or as Ginny might say, part of an emergent code)

Put it this way: I'm fairly certain the feedback I got from one industry leader last time that I was "wrong, wrong, wrong" seems unlikely this time round…

Since then Clay, Charlie, Faris and Seth have all been digging at the same end of the garden

Five years ago, it felt a bit lonelier out here: this kind of thing definitely wouldn't have happened.

Feels good for sure

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  1. Phil teer
    May 7, 2009

    Whether its everyone watching their spending even though many have more money in their pocket or half the world instinctively supporting Obama even though he isn’t actually president of their country, it’s hard to deny we all look like a startled and scared herd running for safety right now.
    btw, I enjoyed the Ginny clip. I spent several great summer afternoons up at semiotic solutions back in the late 90’s trying to invent brands with cultural missions for Coke. Good stuff.