When it’s only about the dubloons…

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Pirate_banner Interesting piece of research in the Guardian today suggests that the people the music industry calls "pirates" might actually be the thing that keeps the industry going, given they spend more on music than the rest of us…

Of course, it's hard to see that when all you can see is "theft" and "piracy" – when you see the people that keep your business going only in terms of the financial transaction….when you see them as economic agents rather than communities and conversations which you serve…

Surely, it's a good thing that people are really obsessed with your music? And stuff related to it? That it works strongly enough on them as a social object to provoke conversation and interaction?

Some of it they'll pay for, some not; the point being that it doesn't really matter so long as they are passionate and are happy to pay for something! (As opposed to being bored rigid by insipid factory-produced pap which they are not prepared to pay for…)


  1. David Barnes
    April 21, 2009

    ‘Twas ever thus. The people I know with the biggest collection of copied tapes also have the largest legit CD collections.
    People who buy lots of books are also more likely to go to the library.
    And so on.

  2. Rob Mortimer
    April 24, 2009

    Absolutely. They are so totally obsessed with the money figure they think they are losing they ignore the facts that:
    a: People who download buy most of the music
    b: People who download buy MORE music (download the single, buy the album)
    c: Downloading illegally is what made people prepared to accept legal downloads, which have raised single sales dramatically
    Its myopic vision personified