Papal infallibility and Cochrane reviews

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Been a long time since I found myself shouting at the radio but this morning the silly ol' fella who sits in St Peter's chair really got me going (almost as much as his apologist here, Dr Oddie, did – no, don't laugh at his name; that's not going to help)

Ok so here's what Der Papst says about combatting HIV/Aids in Africa: "Condom distribution only makes matters worse"

Here's what his humourously named champion apologist says: "Condoms increase promiscuity which is the real cause of the problem."

Do what? Ok, again.

"Condoms increase promiscuity which is the real cause of the problem."

So what do you think the scientific evidence says (according to a proper literature review):

"This review indicates that consistent use of condoms results in 80%
reduction in HIV incidence. Consistent use is defined as using a condom
for all acts of penetrative vaginal intercourse. Because the studies
used in this review did not report on the "correctness" of use, namely
whether condoms were used correctly and perfectly for each and every
act of intercourse, effectiveness and not efficacy is estimated. Also,
this estimate refers in general to the male condom and not specifically
to the latex condom, since studies also tended not to specify the type
of condom that was used. Thus, condom effectiveness is similar to,
although lower than, that for contraception".

So while it doesn't solve the problem on it's own, it seems a useful part of the armoury

Here's what the UNAIDs gang say: "With more than 7,400
new infections each day, the world cannot stop the AIDS epidemic
without stopping new HIV infections. Condoms are an essential part of combination prevention"

From the people who brought you the Inquisition…
oh, and the right to…?

HT Annabel for the link to Cochrane