Give folk stuff to do together (again)

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Our chums over at Greenpeace have done something fabulous with the Heathrow Expansion programme: giving celebs, activists and their broader supporter base something to do together

Brilliant idea of buying up a plot of land in the path of the proposed expansion and dividing it up into thousands of different micro plots which they then give away to supporters [more on the backstory here]

Also a veritable social object, it seems

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  1. Helge Tennø
    March 8, 2009

    Hi Mark
    I find this somewhat related to some research done by Microsoft lately. Which found that most conversations online are about content that is shared.
    Microsoft 3 screens:
    Which gives companies a brilliant opportunity, not only as your post states “to help them do something together”. But also to help them have something to talk about :o)
    When it comes to marketing companies should think of themselves not as interrupters but igniters!
    Best Regards