Forcing old pegs into new holes

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Mcluhan_fp At the moment I keep finding myself using that Old Macluhan adage about how we see new technologies through the lens of those that they eventually replace. Forcing old/square pegs into new/round holes, maybe?

One particularly persistent and annoying example is the whole social media scam – thinking about influence as human-scale persuasion, looking for 'influentials' as high rating tv spots and so on.

Another is this nonsense: CRM is one of the worst examples of the old ways of thinking about the relationship between business and its customers because fundamentally it assumes that the business' agenda is what matters (rather than customers' relationship with each other). Not to mention the misreading of Pareto…oh, and the paucity of its evidence base…

Oh, and another thing: not everything is or should be a marketing tool.

Pay attention, I don't want to be telling you again…

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  1. Robert Poynton
    March 24, 2009

    “Not everything should be a marketing tool”. Indeed. What a relief to hear somebody say this out loud. We should all be saying this more loudly and more often.