Changing mass behaviour and porcine aviation

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Sorry to be quiet for a while but been crazy busy.

The big theme of my last week is this: how rare our ability to create substantial and lasting changes to mass behaviour really is.

Interesting seminar a week ago at Involve with Gerry Stoker Download Involve-Seminar-Minutes-Professor-Gerry-Stoker.

Since then, I've had discussions with folk inside & outside government polixy, with those trying to change corporates and individual citizens' behaviour and with those trying to change customers' and consumers'. With practitioners and academics.

Every one seems to agree: it's darn hard to do it.

While case studies (successful cases) are around in advertising effectivenes, they account for a tiny % of all cases. In social policy, the case study pool is narrower, despite government's obsession with evidence-based policy-making and business' equivalent.

Curiously even successes such as this genius one seem to surprise its creators, too.

But at the same time, the explosive popularity of many of the things that we all agree are fundamentally re-shaping our worlds – the connective technologies of social media – seems to have happened without much in the way of external levers. We've largely got each other to blame for the widespread adoption of social media (and those Social Media Specialists).

Time to rethink something, isn't it?