Challenging drug use

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Lots of silliness around in British news media about reducing alcohol abuse by punitive pricing (though I still like this old post from the indie)

Much more thoughtful post by Matt Grist over at the RSA's Social Brain team*. Very much along HERD-lines, I'd say. Be very interested what you HERDies think policymakers should do (if anything)…

Are you listening, Minister?

*Looking forward to participating in this group later on…

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  1. Dan Thornton
    March 17, 2009

    I must admit I despair at the kneejerk reaction to bring in restrictions that never work.
    But it seems to happen everywhere – for example, removing 100% mortgages would have meant that I could never have saved enough for a house, despite the fact that I’ve yet to ever miss a payment because we were sensible enough to stay within our budgets.
    If pricing works, surely no-one would be drinking in London?