Ada and Adriana

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All too often, we let the tech world become dominated by the boys.

Sad but true. And to our shared cost.

Ada Lovelace day is a bit of a counterbalance: it's a chance to celebrate those female practitioners (props to Suw & co who've set this up). Ada herself was a collaborator of Charles Babbage

I won't repeat Ada's biog, nor the unsung story of women's role in technology but simply get to what I've pledged to do: blog about a women in tech who I admire.

Sparing her blushes, my choice is an extraordinary blend of energy, intelligence and prinicpled commitment. Someone to look up to in all kinds of ways

From the early days of blogging to sorting out tomorrow's biggest issues (e.g. VRM), Adriana is one of the few folks in the web world that I absolutely trust and whose opinion on the big stuff I absolutely want to know. You should, too (IMHO)

For this we can forgive her: Balliol, management consultancy and a sojourn in the Square Mile.