New Podcast: Lenin, Ford and letting go of planning and control

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Nice hour today spent recording a podcast with Johnnie Moore and Rob Poynton

[author of the fabulous "Everything's an Offer' and all-round great playmate]

As Johnnie puts it:

"We begin talking about the workshop Mark, James and I ran with NESTA a couple of weeks ago and looking at what improv can teach us about control and influence"

And go from there.

Rob's really one of the folk who's taught me most about human-human interaction over recent years (and many of the games we now play!)

So if you went to this or belong to the facebook group, you really ought to go listen

Think you might enjoy it

(And of course, we explain how Lenin and Ford are involved)

Well done, Johnnie, for getting it edited and up so quick!

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  1. kevin
    February 17, 2009

    letting go = empathy
    are you listening Mr huntington