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Margaret TX card psd

British-based readers, pls set your controls for tomorrow (THURSDAY) night at 9pm.

Top piece of imaginative drama c/o my dear chum Sanne detailing the last few days of Mrs T's premiership

I saw it a few weeks ago and (my own politics aside), I loved it.

And Lindsay Duncan is extraordinary in it

"this isn’t a film
about policies. It’s a film that, hopefully, makes you think about power,
and who we have in power, and the fact that they are human. I hope it makes
us engage more with the business of politics. The less real politicians
seem, the less likely we are to engage with them. I wouldn’t vote for Mrs
Thatcher. But do I feel I understand her better now? Yes, I do."

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  1. Dan Thornton
    February 25, 2009

    Presumably it will also be available on the increasingly essential BBC iPlayer – otherwise know as the only way I get to watch the programmes I want at the time I want!