Influence and the Jolly Green Giant

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Pic c/o Logic + Emotion

None of this kind of speculation about influence and certainly no jolly-green giants at the morning that James, Johnnie and I put together for NESTA on influence and social networks: more a play-around in the experience of influence than a seminar in the normal sense. I enjoyed myself and so, it seems, did most of the folk who joined us.

Hope you got some new insights into the pull-nature of the influence in the real world (and what it really feels like in to live in world of multiple "Offers" ie the real world of humankind and not the silly abstracted ones that the social media expert gang describe)

Lovely people willing to participate really help make this kind of thing work so thank you if that was you.

Thereafter a cup of tea with old mate and a nice chat with a new chum to round the day off. Excellent

PS When I get a chance, I'll pass on my thoughts about particular things we explored but my minimum commitment is to set up a facebook group. I'll put the link up here tomorrow when it's done. Now time for rest…


  1. Asi
    February 9, 2009

    I can’t believe I missed that. damn
    Any preso / notes?

  2. Meals
    February 10, 2009

    wish i could have been there – general twitter buzz is very positive. is there anything that i could read?