5 years on

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Pic c/o Zeb

Someone sent me this today Download 2004 marketing gurus

I'd forgotten I'd written it, TBH. [Also I don't tend to look back at my old thinking much; not even sure I've got a full bibliography anywhere]

Still feel most flattered to be one of the "marketing gurus" to be cited in the anniversary edition of this august magazine, but I'll be honest, I'm not sure I'd change that much if I had to rewrite it now.

One or two details by way of illustration maybe but otherwise I'd want to say much the same stuff.

Odd mix of feelings: on the one hand, I thought I was still going forward in a bold and reckless manner; on the other, how relatively mainstream this HERD perspective now is (though it seemed news to the lovely folk at EverySingleOneOfUs the other day)

How have you changed how you see the world in the last 5 years? (i.e. back in year 2 BT – "before Twitter")

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