Top tips for keeping January B-word free (Updated)

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Ok so we've now got more than 25 folk participating in this little game of avoiding the b-word for the next few weeks, I thought it might be useful if we share our tips for playing.

As a starter, here's my top 3:

1.take a deep breath whenever you feel the need to b****: count to 5 and only then speak/write
2. substitute another bword – ideally something silly like BNARD (silly encourages you to avoid)
or, of course you could try…

3. Saying more precisely what you mean…

What are your thoughts?

UPDATE: David has set this up to help us nobranders keep in touch with each other

If you'd like to join us just leave your URL here in the comment boxes

Way to go!

Welcome Also:




  1. David Barnes
    January 6, 2009

    Here’s an easy way to get to know your fellow campaigners:
    This brings together the blogs of everybody who is listed on the appeal for volunteers post (
    There are a few people missing. If you are one of them, please add a comment to this post providing the URL of your blog or twitter feed.
    (Mark I hope this isn’t too presumptuous of me.)

  2. Mark
    January 6, 2009

    Great stuff, David

  3. Simon T Small
    January 7, 2009

    Hey David,
    I’ve just joined the pledge, my blog is and twitter feed