The excitement of the empty slideshow

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Here in Cannes to speak at Midem Net c/o Gerd

We're doing a sesh tomorrow with David Smith on futures which I've been very much looking forward to

Particularly after a very pleasant evening in some olde worlde Provencal restaurant with delightful folk from the music world (no names, no whatever) and I seemed to have changed my mind entirely about what I'm going to say tomorrow.

In a good way, that is: while I'm sure some of what I say will be based on familiar riffs, it's the empty page that always excites. The unknown possibilities…

At least it is for me

So what would you tell the music industry about tomorrow? In a nice way, mind you. So that they might want to embrace the idea…

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  1. Matt Moore
    January 18, 2009

    “There is nothing so potent as cheap music” – Noel Coward
    Perhaps someone should remind them why people buy music. They buy it because it makes them individually feel good (or sometimes bad). But it also expresses collective wishes – collective desires to feel good or bad, together or apart.
    So the question is: “What have we done to make people feel good?” And I’m not sure that’s a question that’s been asked much in the music industry for a while.