Participative purchasing

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 Nice piece of John's that drew my attention today which serves to pull a few of my posts this week together: the neanderthal thinking that dogs the mainstream music industry, doing it for more than the money as well as the usual, Social Object stuff

In it he recounts his experiences as a minor 1980s music sensation, how in particular he watched as the fans created merchandise for the band (including recordings) unprompted, because they enjoyed doing it together around the Social Object of the band.

Sure the band played music (and they ended up having recordings and stuff to sell) but at heart they merely provided a number of opportunities for people to gather together, interact with each other and do stuff together.

Belonging is one thing – participating is another.

So when you think about your business or a business you are advising, how much of the purchasing is economic and isolated? And how could you make it participative and social?

Because if you're saying it's just about the money, well….

As the Man In Black Say….Suey! (what is that about?)